There are definitely some good less expensive silicone-free products out there. There are a few threads floating around for budget-friendly CG products. My issue with most of the CG-friendly drugstore products I find is that I can't necessarily get the ingredients that I look for in a single product and I need to layer, mix, or otherwise alter many products to suit my preferences (in all fairness, I have found a few that I really like). But I find the same is true with non-CG products. Most of the drugstore brands that I've tried didn't really impress me. The handful of non-CG products that I use on a regular basis were still all salon brands anyway. And not for lack of trying, since I'm a horrible product junkie at heart.
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No, I know, I actually use a lot of the budget friendly CG products. Except of course my KCCC which I still regret paying all that money There are parts of me that see some cheaper silicone based products and I feel temped, after being silicone free for over a year, but like you just said, if they aren't impressive (silicone products), then it is back to square one. I think I am going to stick to where I am at- but keep my products under $10. But like you also said, I can be a PJ at heart at times...
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