If they work for you, then why not? Cones aren't the devil, at least for everyone. I've seen a lot of people go off them because they feel like they have to, and then be really unhappy with their hair. Some people do really well with cones. Same debate/struggle in the longhair community, too. I really don't think any ingredient should be vilified, because even if 99% of people don't do well with it, there's always going to be that 1% with amazing hair who do (or do in spite of it, lol). When I was growing my hair out I always wished cones would work for me because they would have made things a lot easier, but never happened. I kept trying, though. I don't learn from my mistakes, haha.
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Very true. Like Corinna777 stated, there are curlies who don't do the CG method, but still have beautiful hair. It definitely depends on how your hair responds. For example, I met this girl who had gorgeous curly hair. I asked if she did the CG method and she had no idea what it was.
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