I am fine/thin haired, normal porosity normal elasticity. I have tried a few PT's and they don't seem to have much of an effect on my hair. If anything, my curl loosens a tad. Although my hair gets amazing shine. I have tried gelatin, Ion Effective Care and GVP Joico K pack, always following with a DT. My question is, what are typical results if using a PT? Does it cause hair to curl more or just make hair healthier? My hair does not dry out with PT's but does frizz when I use Epsom salt spray or NPF as a spray.

Having said all that, last weekend I tried a PT of Ion (no DT that time), nothing much happened. Loose curls though, so I did a DT of GVP CB the next day, and got amazing curls! I didn't know if the PT the day before caused the results or just the DT.
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You state you are normal porosity, so I do know that the amount of PT's do not need to be as much compared to someone with high porosity. I have tried the GVP Joico K-Pac and the fact that MO is the second ingredient, I didn't find it to be as strong for protein compared to the Gelatine PT. Have you tried just doing a PT and not following with a DT?

Also, with the bolded quote, I am not sure about the relationship between salt spray and PT? Could you elaborate more?

The results of a PT usually give hair more elasticity to it. Also, when hair is wet, the hair isn't 'mushy' (usually a sign of OC'ing) or breaks easily when you pull a curl.
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