No. Aqua_lily, although also 3A with ridiculously long hair and despite her handle, is not the same gal as waterlily716 and, as far as I know, doesn't do youtube tutorials. She knows a lot about hair though and her hair is gorgeous enough that it should be on youtube. It's a shame I don't see her on as often as she used to be. Maybe if you find an old post you could click on her profile and then PM her. Or let me see if I have an old PM with instructions in my inbox. . . If you're scared to do it again, well, I don't blame you. I'm trying to grow my hair out long and strong to the length it was before I cut it so I hate losing more hair than usual in the shower. Scares me silly.

Okay, I found it

(I sincerely hope aqua_lily doesn't mind my sharing this but I figure she won't so. . .):

"Oh, I mix some EVCO and JBCO in a small bowl (with lid). I can use the mix for a while; I don't use a lot. I don't use a spoon to measure it either; I just place my finger tips in the mix, then rub my finger tips against each other for a bit so they're not DRIPPING wet (you definitely don't want to over oil yourself!). I make sure they're still very wet but I want little dripping. Then I gently massage my entire scalp with my fingers. If my fingers are dry again and I need to do other spots on my scalp, I get some new oil on my finger tips. Very simple!

That's all I do!

I only use it on my scalp, I've tried it on the rest of my hair many times but that just doesn't work for me... I get over-oiled, sticky, weird looking hair/curls (I'm fine-haired) and I just can't co-wash/low-poo every day, no time for that. My scalp just absorbs everything better. I do not feel (or see) any oil or anything the next morning when I wake up. I don't know if this is the same for everyone. I hope it'll work for you too."

FYI, aqua_lily, it did. It does. And you're awesome. I've also told close friends about it with receding edges and the like and they're following the same routine.
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