Sorry that was unclear, what I meant in the bolded part is I was thinking of Epsom salt and NPF as a protein, even though I didn't use it as a PT. I saw that some people seem to dry out and get straw like when they have a problem with protein, but I never get straw like hair. Just loose curls & frizz.

I did try Ion Effective Care last week without a deep treatment and ended up with really loose curl, although no frizz and my hair was shiny. Since my curl was so limp I did a DT of GVP CB the next day & had amazing results, tons of curl & very little frizz. But I can't figure out if the curls came because I did the PT the day before, or if my hair just seems to prefer moisture & not need PT's.
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Some people can get 'straw-like' hair when using protein, but that usually means that they either have enough or used too much.
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