Recently I've been loving the Devacurl products! They make your hair smell good and my hair feels a million times healthier.... but there is one thing I HAVE NOT been loving... how long my hair takes to dry! I can wait all day but it still won't be dry and it will start to frizz in the back over time. Usually only the front dries (because its shorter) and that is the only part that looks good!

I have tried using a blow dryer and defuser (The devacurl one is the best I've tried!) but still I get too impatient and my hair never fully dries, so when I release the gel cast and my hair isn't dry it gets oily and frizzy and just gross. I am considering using a hooded hairdryer (One that rolls or that you set on the counter, whichever- is that what you call it?) to get my hair dry fast. I want to get the salon-like look that I got at devachan SO BAD! If you've been there you know what I mean, its so relaxing to just sit there in your robe playing on the iPad! Plus your hair looks perfect!

I feel embarrassed to order one because I think my family will think I've gone nuts, so Im only gonna do it if I know it will work! Somebody please give me some suggestions? Something not to expensive. Also does this damage your heat more than diffusing? Or is about the same? Also how long do you have to sit under it?

So basically.... hooded hair dryer suggestions (What brand, blah blah....)

PLEASE help me!

Thank youuu

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