Sometimes people think their hair looks awful but it actually looks quite cute.
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Most of us have suffered through just awful haircuts and can understand. I would recommend shelling out the extra cash and getting a good Deva cut or a dry cut from another non-Deva curl specialist. You may have to go shorter but short haircuts are super cut and you can totally rock it as a model! Depending on your cut now, a stylist may even be able to reshape without taking off much length!

Try as much as possible to relax about your hair. An extremely stressful project caused my hair to fall out! I'm currently regrowing. I know it's so much easier said than done to not-stress but look into ways of keeping stress at bay. You'll feel so much better and you hair will love you too!
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YES. Get a devacut, they are amazing and it could give you back your confidence in your hair, they'll know what to do