Laura1982, sounds very promising! My hair also gets weighed down easily so I could definitely benefit from something that is lightweight. I always apply product on really wet hair, then plop. I don't twist but clumping is not really a major thing for me. It's nice when it clumps but if I get less clumps, I get more volume which is just as nice. Do you use it alone or with other products? I'm asking because layering doesn't work for me, so I use one styling product at a time.

Neleke, being scared is definitely not helping your hair journey. Notice that polyquats usually don't result in frizz unless your hair is wet. I remember I used a gel that had them and whenever it rained, I got massive frizz, but never when wet. That's why I think you shouldn't worry about frizz, especially not if you don't experience any other problems (like build-up - that's the main reason for me to avoid polyquats).

By avoiding everything that other people have problems with is quite a difficult task indeed, and what's worse is that you might even miss out on some ingredients that might work wonders for you! I think you'll notice what changes your hair soon enough if you don't experiment too much and observe your hair closely.

And you don't have to promise us anything How's KCCC working out for you? It's been on my list since forever so I'm curious.
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