Laura1982, what curl cream are you talking about? Is the Cottonseed curl booster a cream? Please tell me more about it!

I'm so happy with all the responses. Please keep them coming!

By the way, the Cottonseed Curl Booster is just €6,- now. Bit scared of the polyquats though because they have caused problems for me in the past. Oh what to do, what to do.
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Which specific polyquats have caused a problem for you in the past? It's a massive family and they don't all have the same properties - really it is as much a naming system as anything. It's a little like surfactants: the anionics (including foamy sulphates) do not behave the same as the cationics (the ones in conditioner). Maybe do as KathyMack has and analyse your products based on ingredients until you have a short list of possible culprits?

The curl booster is a liquidy lotion consistency so easy to spread, the bottle is a pump not a spray as it looks like. It definitely does something, even in fairly small amounts: less seems to be more which makes it more economical!
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Firefox, you have told me before that the polyquat family is massive, and seeing that 4, 7 and 10 have caused problems, I figured I should give 37 and 72 (which are in the curl booster) at least give a chance. I just returned from grocery shopping and on my way home, I stopped at the Body Shop and bought the curl booster (for just €5,50 instead of €11!). Curious to see if I like it and how I respond to the polyquats.

I have used the search function on the forum as well this morning and so far, most people actually really like it. I intend to use it on wet hair, rub a tiny bit between my hands, then smooth it in, scrunch, plop. I know it's designed to be used with heat, but is it essential? I don't have a hair dryer, diffuser, whatsoever.
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