hi there curly girlies!
well for the first time in my life I have decided to fully embrace my natural curly hair. mostly out of the need for an easier routine in the morning. for 10 years I straightened my hair every day because I hated, no, LOATHED, my 3b (with a bit of 3a) curly hair. it's pretty fine, medium length, and I have a lot of it. normally it's pretty dry.

after a week or two of wearing it natural I decided to try going CG. today I did my last shampoo, cowashed and then conditioned (used aussi moist for the cowash and tresseme naturals for my condition), then I put in marc anthony curl defining lotion as normal, and curl boosting spray. i diffused less than normal because the goal was to reduce the wild frizz I've been experiencing, and let me tell you, my hair is like BUTTER. but it won't hold the curl!

I know my hair is healthy, it is coloured but my hair dresser is amazing and uses elumen dye which is supposed to be better for your hair? I also recently had it cut, so there is hardly any damaged or split ends. could it be that my hair actually is just too soft/over conditioned on the first day of CG??

I don't want to use gels or mousses because scrunching is a nightmare for my hair and always separates the curls around the side of my head and they frizz. I also really really want to avoid crunchy/hard/wet looking hair. another problem is I'm on a budget and I can't spend 100000000 dollars on something. I need a product that will maintain the softness but hold the curl. preferably something I could find at Walmart?

please help me, if you can!