Firefox, you have told me before that the polyquat family is massive, and seeing that 4, 7 and 10 have caused problems, I figured I should give 37 and 72 (which are in the curl booster) at least give a chance. I just returned from grocery shopping and on my way home, I stopped at the Body Shop and bought the curl booster (for just 5,50 instead of 11!). Curious to see if I like it and how I respond to the polyquats.

I have used the search function on the forum as well this morning and so far, most people actually really like it. I intend to use it on wet hair, rub a tiny bit between my hands, then smooth it in, scrunch, plop. I know it's designed to be used with heat, but is it essential? I don't have a hair dryer, diffuser, whatsoever.
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I didn't use it with heat, I only diffuse for a night/ day out and I wouldn't use this product for that, I can't imagine it has enough hold. But I've only used it a few times so no authority!!
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