I think your hair are still adapting to the new routine, they are in a transition phase.
I have fine hair too and i noticed that too rich products (like spray or creme with too much oil or butters) weight them down flattening the curls.
For the styling i'm using flaxseed gel with a bit of glycerine and hydrolized protein in it and the curls are defined and soft
Curl Pattern: 2c-3a
Porosity: medium
Density: thin
Width: fine
Lenght: short (jaw-lenght)
2013 haircut: 1/25/2013; 07/04/2013

Routine: modified CG
CW: cone free and protein free conditioners
DT: homemade sheabutter hair creme /Hydraderm sheabutter hair mask+coconut oil+lecitin
Styling before diffusing FSG with hydrolized keratin
Once a month (or every 2 months): henna