Welcome! What are your hair properties and dew points/ humidity? See Live Curly Live Free website, frizz forecast app on the main NC site, all the stickes on the newbies board and this one.

Forget what scrunching always does, there are different application methods (raking, smoothing with palms, gentle squeezing in) and different techniques work with different products and other techniques. Scrunching into dripping hair is way different to scrunching into damp hair. And your hair should change it's tastes and needs as it gets healthier - many of us struggle to get or maintain clumps in the early days of CG.

If you want hold you probably want a gel/ jelly or mousse depending on your hair type. Crunch gets gently scrunched out when your hair is bone dry (many of us press or squeeze it's not a vigorous thing). Which leave in conditioner you use and how much is a major part of clumping, not simply your styling product.

If you've been flat ironing fine hair daily and permanently colour treating your hair is highly unlikely to be healthy it will be damaged, dryness and frizz is likely symptomatic of that. Split or velcro ends don't just mean hair is damaged, they mean the ends are damaged beyond repair or 'fried'. For damaged or porous hair beneficial ingredients include coconut oil, hydrolysed protein, ceramides and panthenol. Fine hair does particularly well with hydrolysed protein.

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you're right. I'm sure there is some damaged hair in there still. I think what I meant to say is that it's the healthiest it's ever been, in almost a decade. I'm very familiar with fried hair, I've dealt with some of the most damaged ugly hair you've ever seen, it's gotten so bad on a few occasions that my hair would actually get shorter, because of how much was breaking off. I actually don't have much of a problem with frizz now that I moisturized with lots of conditioner, my hair is so soft but yeah as stated above the curls just kinda slipped apart. it's very strange!

As for humidity, it's like 50% where I am today, it's a cooler, dryer day, but we have been having a heat wave so that could be why my hair is behaving so differently.

Thank you so much for your tips, maybe I will try a gel after all. mousse probably not, I just really hate the idea of it and to be honest the texture of it and the sound it makes when you dispense it gives me the shivers LOL! I like the idea of crunching out the hard bits, I never really thought of that! Very smart!

I will say that my hair is ok now that it's fully dried. one thing I noticed is that my curls are definitely getting wider but shorter. before, when my hair was at the peak of it's damage, it was tiny little s shaped kinks, but now they're fuller like true 3a, but much more spirally and in turn, shorter. I don't have mixed or African American hair but I do believe its possible for me to experience some major shrinkage!

But again, thank you so much, I have this bookmarked for sure!