I must say that my results arrived very very quickly. It's been about 2 weeks maybe. I thought it took 4-6.

So, as i suspected I have fine hair. Although, comparing my strands to other people tell me i have medium hair, but I'll leave that to the curl whisperer.

I have normal porosity and normal elasticity. I had no clue about either of those so I'm glad i did the analysis.

She recommends regular PT, which I'm already doing and products with protein. So, my current products are pretty much on point except i may experiment with different stylers.

She suggested i try mousses, light to medium hold gels (I'm currently using a mega), and curl enhancing creams.

My current products are:
NG biotin shampoo
Suave naturals coconut conditioner as a Co wash
NG biotin conditioner as a leave in with some protein filler
Desert essence jojoba as a sealer (she said syrums could way my hair down, not sure if I'll omit this step)
Sallys volumax mega hold styling gel

Any suggestions are always appreciated!

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2b, Fine, Low density, Normal porosity.

Currently using but not sure if i'm loving:

Lo-poo: SM yucca
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut
LI: SM yucca Milk, Suave Naturals Coconut
Gel: LA Looks Mega Hold (Green), LA Looks NutraCurl with Avocado

Sometimes I pixie diffuse, Always towel turban, Finally stopped touching while wet , Always SOTC, lose curl definition and get frizzy after a few hours.

Live in Miami where it's really HUMID