I'm starting to think it might be the TN---I think it's weighing my hair down. I really like the definition I've been getting, so I wonder if there's a lighter leave in?

Can anyone recommend a good drugstore leave in that is lighter than TN??
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Tresemme Naturals can cause problems for some people, but simply going lighter is not considering your hair properties, dew points nor addressing frizz. Just use your co-wash, see how that works out. Otherwise choose something rich with with protein, don't confuse rich with heavy they are not one and the same.
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Okay--still battling this problem!! I used Suave as a leave in and it was really frizzy. Lately, I've just been rinsing all the conditioner (still TN) out and not doing a leave in. It is a little better that way.

I've discovered I only get the crown frizz and wet frizz when I apply products soaking wet. If I scrunch out the water with a towel, then apply product, I don't get the crown, flyaway frizz. BUT, it looks stringy and I have no clumps.

I like the way my hair looks when I apply product to soaking hair, so I want to make it work! I either need a different RO suggestion or I need a cream/pomade suggestion to calm the crown frizz after I SOTC. I bought JCNS, but it isn't doing anything for the crown/root frizz...

Feeling :frustrated: