I also didn't use it with heat...

I've used it with 2 different methods:
1) on dry second day hair to battle frizzies and give the impression of more definition: big success..
2) on wet hair, under gel (I haven't tried it on itself since it doesn't seem to have much hold and until now I only experimented with medium-hard hold...)

KCCC: I loooove the smell of it, and seem to really like the whole product as well... I have had less bad hair days since I'm using it, so yes I like it...

Things I want to experiment with on days that I don't care if my hair looks nice or not: (I never experiment on days when I DO care )
- only the curl boost
- FSG (I've been saying that for tooooo long, definitely have to do that one)
- Aloe Vera gel (have a bottle...)
- conditioner styling only

If the experiments don't work out well, I'll just make a bun

Firefox: I experimented with a new PT a couple of days ago, Mill Creek Biotin conditioner: seems nice and I like the peppermint in it ... it seems to... clean my scalp or something... it feels "fresh" (like when eating peppermint or rubbing eucalyptus on your chest when having a cold, that kind of freshness)
2c: fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity, normal-high density
CG since March 8th 2013
Low Poo: Rainforest Radiance shampoo
Conditioner: Yes to Cucumbers
Styler: BRHG, Garnier Fructis Gel
PT: Gliss Kur Repair & Volume

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