Didn't know that you did, sorry. Try going without the protein and see how that does. Otherwise, re-asses your other products and try rotating possibly.
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Its cool, thank you!
Can you recomend me a sulfate free shampoo and silicone, protein, and paraben free conditioner which I can get from Europe? Or Italy in particular? Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I am not sure if you can get these in Europe, but AS I AM makes a great co-wash that will rid of most build-up. What is also great is the pH is 4.5 which is ideal for hair. You can order this on Amazon, so I am not sure if that is good for you or not.

Tresemmé Naturals- SIlicone Free Conditioner (either black top or white top) is also protein free and paraben free. It is excellent for detangling since it contains Behentrimonium Chloride and Cetearyl Alcohol. It is great as leave in as well. You can get this on Amazon as well (only the white top).

The komaza line has so many different conditioners, deep treatments, leave-ins, sprays, etc. that you should consider as well. I personally haven't tried any yet, but I will give you the link to their website (not sure about shipping for that either).
Komaza Care - The Complete Hair Solution
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