wow, everyone's hair looks amazing! im pretty new to CG, and i think my hair is somewhere between 2a-2b. but i have a question for everyone that has experience. after i cowash, if i put mousse in my hair it will be somewhat curly, but if i just put a leave-in and no mousse, it wont curl at all. will this get better in time, or do you think my hair will always be just slightly wavy/curly?
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Give it some time. As a 2a/b I suggest getting some LALooks or other gel product to apply while wet and plop it for alittle while and pineappling at night. You are going to have to use some products to get more defined waves/curls. If in a rush, pixie diffuse (diffuse after scrunching hair up towards head with your hand. I turn on blow dryer after placing the diffuser on your hair and then turning off to avoid frizz). It took me a few weeks for my hair to recover from all the years of straightening. A good cut doesn't hurt either.
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