I shampooed with yes to cukes, conditioned with TN, the smoothing one, not the moisturizing one; and at Dusa's suggestion, I went back and tried CK again. Over that, a bit of Volumax. Ta da.

Results: Hair is nice and soft (see, this is why I like CK) with decent curl formation; a little frizz, and I would like more volume at the crown. In response to comments and suggestions of JLeighs, tomorrow I am going to do the same thing, only just CK. I have felt for a long time that the more I put on my hair in heat and humidity, the more reactive my hair gets, which I think makes sense with LP hair.
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Glad you're having a good hair day.

I was going to put this in your other thread, but I'll do it here. I think the reason putting products in very wet hair works so well for me in the summer is because blotting my hair after products are in takes even more of the product out. I can't get tiny amounts of product evenly distributed through my hair when I've taken so much of the water out. It won't distribute evenly or well in drier hair. With my hair very wet, I'm using less product, but the water helps everything get distributed well, and then I blot and take even more product out. The results for me are fantastic.
2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.