Oh, okay, so the products themselves aren't exactly what I perceived them to be then... I'm pretty new to this, in all honesty.

What replacement products would you recommend then? I think I have Kinky-Curly Knot Today under my sink actually from a while ago, would that be a good product to use? I also have coconut oil, I'll do a soak tonight~

My hair properties should be attached in my signature, by the way, if that helps at all. Thank you so much for helping me, I feel pretty lost when it comes to caring for my wavy/curly hair.
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The KCKT is not actually a good leave-in even though it states that is its use. However, it is an amazing detangler, so that can be used for that purpose. Coconut oil has a lot of great uses. Sometimes, I use that with another leave in, such as Tresemmé Naturals. You can possibly use your V05 as a rinse out instead of a co-wash. You could also use the SM Soufflé (I know you don't have that, but it seems you like the SM products) as a styler on top of a leave-in too.
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