Hi, fellow curlies! I'm new to posting on the board - hope I'm putting this in the right place. I apologize in advance if I miss any typoes, autocorrect on my phone is driving me crazy . I'm also sorry if this is a long post. Anyway, I'm hoping you guys might be able to give me some advice.

My 11 y/o daughter's hair has become completely in incorrigible. I'm not exactly sure what "type" it is, but nothing we use on it keeps it from looking frizzy and frazzled, and the fine hairs around her forehead poof out everywhere and don't seem to grow. It's long, dark blonde, and I would say pretty thick. We normally try to keep it at bay using leave in conditioners and pulled back or up hairstyles.
She has gotten to where she hates taking care if it, but she refuses to have it cut shorter (it's all the way down her back). We have tried using a wide tooth comb as opposed to brushing, keeping it pulled back at night, endless varieties of shampoos/conditioners, and her hair just seems to get worse. She was using Loreal Eversleek shampoo and conditioner, with occasional Palmer's Coconut Oil conditioning treatments. We have tried Frizzease Leave-in spray, generic Potion 9 from Sally, gels, creams, nothing works. Within minutes she has frizz and flyaways and a halo of poof framing her forehead.

Any helpful tips or recommendations would be much appreciated . I have a hate/hate relationship with my own hair due to the curliness and frizz that it became after I turned 11 or 12, and I feel ugly when I don't flat iron. My daughter's hair is just too thick, long, and coily to start going through that, and I want her to feel pretty and love her hair. If you need any other details, ask away - I'll post pics of her hair in a few minutes when I get to my computer.