I finally had a really nice hair day. This was the first one since starting CG the first week of July.

Here's the funny part. It was with three day hair. That's just funny.

I've been using DermOrganic Foam and it's okay but was sticky. My hair stuck to my hands even if my hair was damp. I also had surface frizz.

So today I sprayed my hair with water to get it damp. Then I mixed Paul Mitchel Round Curl with the DermOrganic Foam in my hands. Then I slid my hands down my hair on all sides while upside down and scrunched.

I had a little frizz but not as much as before. It rained most of the day as well. My hair was pretty soft and the hold was good.

I guess the PM styler helped reduce the stickiness of the foam. Who knows but I liked the result.

This gives me hope because I've been struggling with greasy hair. Still trying to find a low-poo that works.

Anyway, I was just excited to have nice hair all day. Even my dh complimented me on my hair and he almost never does that.