Dusa, yes I think the CK video is the Meza one, the blond. I could never spend so much time on styling my hair, she does that twirly thing with individual strands - and uses a quarter size on each one inch section - with that much time on her hair, and product, she must wash her hair once a week.

My experiment today with CK only was not too successful, but I do like how my hair feels with it, silky, and not like I have a lot of gunk to wash out the next day. I think tomorrow I will use CK with the Deva Foam. That is 2 expensive products, but oh well, if it works, it works.

What happens is that as my silver roots begin to grow in, it flattens my hair. Right after I get the roots colored, I dont have this problem so much. I dont see a way around this problem....anyone??

What gel are you using with CK, Dusa?

Chloe, I have a lot of conditioners but not so many shampoos. I have the SM shampoos - moisture retention and Coconut hibiscus. Some here have suggested they may be too heavy for this weather, so I was sticking to Yes to Cucumbers for a bit and the TN conditioner. Shampoos and conditioners dont seem to be as important for LP curlies as the styling products...anyone?

JLeighs, I have a mental block to applying product to soaking wet hair -( just like I have a mental block to paying the big bucks for shower gel in my favorite fragrance, Angel , which is no t cheap) - I feel like I am washing it , and product, right down the drain. Also, it has been my understanding that this also is not as important for coarse, LP curlies...anyone?

I am wondering if I need something other than gel over CK for hold. What might be some good options...anyone? everyone?