Check the ingredients in those products too. I bet you anything you're using items containing cones, alcohol, and other things that just the hair out. I know that Frizz-Ease is not good for hair at all. I cowash with Suave Coconut and use the Shea Moisture line. Shea Moisture has all natural products and is free of silicone, parabens, and the like. It's pricey, but worth out.

I only shampoo once a week just before protein treatments. I only use Johnson's Baby shanpoo. No detergents means it hardly lathers, so it doesn't dry out my hair. If any of your shampoos lathers, it is not good for the hair.

Also, remember that hair is like skin. Heat opens the shaft allowing moisture to penetrate and cold closes the shaft allowing it to lay flat. Frizz is caused when the shaft is not lying flat.

You may also want to take her to have all the damage removed. Hey hair may be shorter, but it's for the greater good of the hair. The damage only travels up and only causes more damage. Hair is dead anyway, so if there are split ends, there is repairing that.

Never brush wet hair and never comb dry hair. In fact, I'd stay away from the brush and only use a wide tooth comb.

I don't wash every day either. This allows my scalp to replenish its natural oils, which is the best moisture for hair. I don't have tangles, I can finger comb, wet or dry. I also pineapple at night to keep it from tangling.

These are just a few suggestions for you to consider. I certainly recommend going CG at least until her hair is healthy again.

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