Right. A silk bonnet is a totally different thing.

Also, the conclusion that the soft hooded hair dryer is amazing isn't universal. I've known a couple of people who bought it with high hopes, but found it less than satisfactory because it doesn't have the hole distribution that hard hat dryers have, so most of the hair isn't in the air flow pattern. Also, you'd have to have someplace safe to lay your blow dryer without its overheating, while you're still within range of the electrical outlet, and the length of the dryer hose can reach your head, preferably where you can sit and relax.

When and if you shop for a hard hat dryer, consider the depth of the hood, so that you get one which covers your head (including the sides) well, so that all of your hair will be dried evenly. Baking part of your scalp to dry spots that aren't as well covered isn't fun.

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