So she said she will return $$.


Now I need to deal with my hair, ladies what products have helped you accelerate growth and moisture?

She finally admitted to using glycerin with water on the devachan bottle NOT devachan products. So....I did a homemade clarifying shampoo followed by vinegar and honey rinse and deep avocado conditioner. It is softer but still my curls forms are mess !!! Anyone have any suggestions please?!

Thank you to all those ladies giving me support, none better understands this ordeal better than a fellow curly.

Samantha curl we have similar hair, can you spell out for me the name of your products? I have no clue as to what they are. Are you glycerin sensitive too? And protein sensitive?
Hair type: mix of everything but bushy
"Do not brush curly hair, it makes it look like bad scribbles"
my 5 year old curly haired girl, now a teen