Yay for you! It's taken me several months to find things that work, but I like my 2 and 3rd day hair better than the day I wash. Not all low poos are equal. And you may be OK co washing rather than low pooing. Sometimes thats better.

Even though I was afraid to not use at least a low poo (always had oily roots) I slowly accepted that my hair CAN handle co washing most of the time. My hair gets oily much more slowly when I co wash. I use a lighter condish like TN and have recently tried the VO5 Kiwi Lime squeeze, which is even lighter (and smells so good). I can't seem to add products back into my hair after its dried, so other than a little spray of water or something like Botanical Boost, I just fluff my hair and go.

I think it takes a few weeks for your scalp to adjust if you are changing from a sulfate based poo to low poo/co washing. FWIW, I really like the SM Yucca and Baobab shampoo. I can not stand the Deva low poo or the SM Coconut Hibiscus one. Both of these leave me feeling greasy.
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