Firefox7275, There's alot of info you gave me. I think I have a book on anti inflammatory nutrient dense foods...and I do notice that stress is a huge facor in the seborrhoeic dermatitis (that's probably the US spelling also....). I had to use the Neutrogena T/Sal and Nizoral stuff a few years ago, but it hasn't been that bad since then. I didn't know about olefin sulfonate being irritating/stripping, so I need to check my ingredients on a few things. I will also look into the Komaza Care. Thanks for all you input.
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You are welcome: stress is indeed a huge issue in various forms of dermatitis. Stress is pro inflammatory, affects sleep quality, increases our need for all sorts of nutrients, and often dulls the appetite or causes cravings for sugary rubbish. It's a disastrous combination.

Best self care for stress: get your 10,000 steps each and every day, more intense formal exercise three to four times a week if you are able, pretty much the same as an anti inflammatory diet especially the oily fish, also magnesium rich foods for example chia, ground flax, pumpkin seeds, and yummy cocoa powder! I do this for a living and am prone to stress/ anxiety so let me know if I can help further on that in the future.
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