that is one of the reasons i stopped coloring my hair -- week one it was just a little too dark (if we went lighter, it did not cover the gray and it turned orange), week two was ok, but end of week 2 the roots were showing. i colored every 3 weeks, and even that wasn't enough.
i was never really happy with the way it looked dyed (i always had it professionally done, a few different colorists and always the same). to cover the white they had to go darker, and to prevent it from turning that orange color. i got tired of the time i put into it, the money (altho, not as bad as it could have been as a friend who is a colorist would come to my house, put the dye on, and leave and i'd wash it out).
and now i sit and watch my clients, friends who dye their hair with those roots, and i see them going darker and how it does not look good against their skin, and i just think, i am so glad i finally bit the bullet and stopped! i have never regretted it, always happy that i did.

chloe -- you are at the point of "no return" with 2 inches -- i felt it was a milestone, knew it would keep getting better. i think the first two are the hardest.
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