I started to dye my hair when I noticed that my hair colour was looking dull, not realizing that it was grey hairs which made it look that way to me. Fortunately, it turned out horribly (the first time), so I ended up having to go for colour correction, and the hairdresser put in highlights and lowlights, and I didn't try to dye it myself again. After a few months, I discovered the whereabouts of a curly haired stylist I'd gone to years before, and switched stylists. I said something to her about the colour, and she changed my part to the other side, which hadn't gone grey yet. It gave me time to come to my senses. Since then, I've left the colour alone, aside from trying to dye a purple streak.

My mother started dyeing her hair in her forties. An entire hair colour line (Breck) came and went, and she was still dyeing it, thinking she'd stop when her hair had all turned. After over forty years of dyeing her hair, she finally gave it up, and at 90, she still has salt and pepper hair. She was concerned at first that it made her look older, but really, who has their hair dyed salt and pepper? It might be a good way to transition.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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