I agree with most of what Firefox7275 said, except that silk (which is a fibre) is really much more helpful than generic satin (which is a weave structure, and often made of the fibre, polyester, which is not helpful for curly hair).

I would also suggest that your daughter would probably benefit from doing a final, silicone-free, sulfate cleanse (something like J&J Baby Shampoo or Suave Naturals Shampoo) as a one time reset to get the silicone and any other buildup out of her hair, so that it could respond better and faster to conditioner washing (co-washing), and the rest of the Curly Girl method, if you're going to go with that.

Also, I'd recommend getting the book, Curly Girl: The Handbook, which is the best source of information about the Curly Girl method, and has a lot of good illustrations, and really good video segments on the techniques. It would help prevent confusion, and also allow your daughter to learn about it herself (often the best approach with adolescents).

You might also consider trying it yourself, although I think it could be easier for your daughter to transition, as her hair hasn't be exposed to any heat damage from flat ironing. I've been doing it since I learned about it five years ago, and have never been at all tempted to go back. My worst day on CG is still better than my best day pre-CG.

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