Will do, Firefox! Thanks for the link. And thank you all for your suggestions so far!

I am happy to report that after ditching my mousse today my hair still curled wonderfully on its own, and the crown frizz is basically nonexistent after I used a bit of conditioner as a leave-in along with a small bit of coconut oil! I think I was so afraid of my hair looking producty that I wasn't applying enough towards the top of it, but I took a chance today and it worked out great!

My ends are a different story however, they got suddenly very soft and kind of "fuzzy" not exactly frizzy. Maybe a trim is in order? A lot of the end pieces seem dry and... hrm... ratty? They're not tangled up, just not all the same cohesive length if that makes sense. Maybe I'll just take a picture...
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Glad you have yielded some results from the suggestions. Yes, take a pic. A trim might be in your calling in the near future.
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