Thanks for the replies, ladies! I have to go to bed (gotta work in the morning), so I'll read through tomorrow. Here are some pics of her hair I posted on Photobucket:

Her routine has been:
Wash/condition every other day or so with Loreal Eversleek Shampoo/Conditioner
A packet of Palmer's Coconut oil deep conditioning treatment every so often
Spray down before detangling with Frizzease Leave-in or various types of leave-in serum, cream, or spray
Various creams and gels to tame it when going to school or out in public (such as Tresemme gel, Palmer's Coconut Milk hair cream, GVP Potion 9, whatever else I can find that looks like it might work, or that is too much for my hair (I have frizzy curls too, but I straighten most of the time)
Ponytail or bun hairstyles, because it gets too big and frizzy when left down
I tried some Mane N Tail Deep conditioner as her leave-in today, hopefully it will make a difference . I'm also concerned that the Eversleek isn't really doing her hair any favors, because I noticed the worst of the frizz/poofs over the time she has been using it, so I gave her my Tresemme Keratin Smooth to try, and see if it helps.

It's so long, all the way down her back, and can look so gorgeous when soaking wet and slathered up with product, but as it dries it just goes crazy. And these little frizzy poofs on top...nothing seems to help those. I gave her a wide tooth comb to detangle with, but I made the error of not confiscating her old brush, and I suspect she's been getting frustrated with the comb and defaulting to angrily ripping at her hair with the brush. She's 11, so I've been trying to give her independence and the responsibility of caring for her own hair (with guidance of course), but she get's so frustrated at the ferocity of her tangles...she just gets mad and rips it up trying to detangle it in a hurry, or gives up and puts in in a bun trying to make it look like she combed it all the way out when she really didn't. She refuses a shorter hair style (which I can't blame her for, since I know her hair has major shrink factor and short hair probably would look much poofier). I have decided to take over her hair care again, hoping we can get those short poofs healthier and growing again. Thank, ladies! Your advice is greatly appreciated! She already has the "mean girls" in class at school picking on her about her hair, and I want to do everything I can to help her learn to style it so she'll feel good about it.