With exercise, it's all about habit. I admit, I have a hard time keeping up with everything at once. When I have a particularly stressful period at work with a lot of deadlines or if my daughter has many activities or school projects going on (or even seasonal with yard work, etc) I find that I easily skip the gym due to tight time constraints. It's something I've struggled with for years. Time management is HARD!

For food, I don't have much of an issue because I love to cook. I set myself up for success by cooking or prepping on weekends so that I have a freezer full of individual meals or meal components that I just need to reheat or spend very little time on. It's cheap, healthy, and easy to do it that way. I basically eat any foods, but I tweak them to make them more fitting to my health plan without losing the satisfaction of what I may have a taste for at the time.