Thanks for talking me through this. I do see what you mean between a DC and a DT.

I already plop into a bike helmet twice a day; adding a hat or buff as soon as the helmet comes off seems like I'll just invite the frizz, smush and/or kink up my 2b/c canopy, and not really get a chance to show my hair to the light of day. And at that point, what's the point of styling?

I am being a grump because 1) it's close to lunchtime & I'm hungry and 2) -please read my HUGE self-effacing wink here- what you're saying seems like it's gonna take the curly fun out of my summer. the truth hurts, eh?

clearly, the best sun protection is to block the rays entirely rather than to rely on products, same for hair as for skin. I just wish it wasn't so. Still trying to find SOME product that will help a bit against the sun, that I can get my hands on here in Germany. nearly all the DE and NL webshops are out of the Jessicurl and CJ that I like, am low on, and would justify ordering some unknown products to try out.
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I think it's easier to protect skin with products, there are high factor physical sunblocks - AFAIK you can't use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide on hair, most people don't use anywhere near enough on skin either. Of course skin is alive so can self-repair some of the damage.

There are some cute UV Buffs, have you looked at them? Even if you just used that on the hottest/ brightest days that would make a difference to your hair. Or sit/ stand/ lay/ workout in the shade, or used protective styling some days, perhaps half ups so the vulnerable canopy has some protection. It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing full sun exposure or constant protection, even a 50% reduction would be beneficial.

Long coconut oil soaks helps protect hair from *some* of the UV damage, but I don't suppose you want to walk around with greasy hair. Polyquat 59 can also be useful.
Polyquaternium-59: Sun Protection for Your Curls

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