I've been CG for only about two months. The whole time I've been doing all the new things I've learned, like applying product to wet hair, and scrunching and plopping, and diffusing, etc. Two days ago the fan on my AC went out, and last night when it was time to shower, it was just too hot for me to consider turning on a hair dryer and too late for it to dry before I went to bed. I decided to just forget about it and wear it back in a bun today, so I went back to the "old ways". I didn't use any shampoo, and I still applied a ton of conditioner, but I didn't use any leave-in or styling products. I even put my hair up in a turban -- no plopping.

What a learning experience! All along I've been seeing gradual changes to my hair, but this really showed that things have changed a lot. Some of it dried really quickly, which never happened before. And it was very fluffy and soft. I could still see the curls I've gained but they had no definition without product. And today the frizz halo escaping from the bun is considerable. I plan on doing a PT tonight, which I wasn't even thinking of doing before. I think from now on I'll periodically just leave it alone to better assess the situation. I think my styling products have been so effective they've hidden how my hair really is.
Beth Started CG May 22, 2013
2C low porosity(?), high density, medium-coarse
Summer dew points: 65 - 75F
  • No-poo: Suave Naturals
  • RO: Matrix Total Results Moisture
  • LI/Sealer: SheaMoisture C&H Style Milk
  • Style: AG Re:coil and Biolage Gelee
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