That would be waaaaaay too much product for me. For second day hair I almost never add product... I suppose I could add a little plain FSG but that's about it. Maybe another jelly type like SS CEJ or a light spray like SSI Vanilla Coconut... but even then my hair can get gunky w/ layers.
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Wavydaze, it is way too much product for me as well. I didn't intend to use anything other than FSG on Saturday but as I had to boost it a bit because of the overconditioning, I figured I'd try my new stuff as well. I'd read that some people use the boost under FSG, so I tried that yesterday. Today just the boost. I know I'm sensitive to polyquats 4, 7 and 10 so I'm thinking that the polyquats might cause the problems in this case.

I'm curious about your routine though, wavydaze. Would you like to share them?
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