The GVP Reconstruct that I use has protein fairly high up on the ingredient list. It seems to be enough protein for me. I tried it hoping it would help my ends, which are damaged from highlights, etc. I like it and have repurchased now several times. It gives nice slip too, so I can comb my hair out or use a tangle teaser after I've slathered this in my hair and it detangles nicely. If you just want to give yourself a boost, you may like the DIY gelatin PT that's popular here. I recently tried it and was very pleased. It's easy to do and easy to customize.
2b/2c ( weather permitting - 3a), fine texture but lots of it, colored and highlights, BSL.
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Current rotation:
cowash= TN
AG Gel Mousse, LA Gel,
DT = Coconut oil (love)

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