i would try to find out if he can switch to the gov medicare. remember my mom telling me about the problems my aunt had with private medicare and how they were trying to help her switch. i think they were able, but not sure.

i do know united healthcare is terrible to work with. i am a provider and i have seen how they have gobbled up most of the insurance companies, then greatly reducing the payable amounts to providers, requiring ridiculous paperwork. unfortunately, they also gobbled up my personal insurance, oxford, but i am in a tricky situation and cannot find premiums low enough to switch to. one of my drs had told me that united healthcare was making it very difficult for him to order tests for patients.
from my perspective, it seems like blue cross/blue shield (NOT to be confused with the empire plan in ny which is actually united healthcare) is the best, with aetna right behind it.

so if your uncle can switch to medicare thru gov, that is the best. otherwise, i don't even know if blue cross/blue shield offers that, but if they do, that's a good second best.

maybe do a google search to try to find help searching this stuff out. there must be people who are knowledgeable about this.

good luck and let us know what happens.
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