A few weeks ago, I had a lot of buildup in my hair. I used Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Shampoo (silicone free) and the buildup went away. Then I went back to my normal shampoo. Now I'm noticing it again, my scalp is very flat. I used the same shampoo again and my scalp is still flat. It's like it didn't get rid of the buildup this time. What's the problem?
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Sounds like whatever you are using that is building up is highly substantive and resistant to clarifying, or that is not a particularly good clarifying shampoo or both. Silicones are not the only ingredients that can build up, some polyquats can, waxes including cetyl esters, butters like shea, petrolatum, mineral oil. If you are getting build up at the roots that might be sebum, you might also review your washing technique and amount of massage that you do whilst rinsing as well as washing. Is your scalp 'squeaky' clean when you are done?
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