I think it's easier to protect skin with products, there are high factor physical sunblocks - AFAIK you can't use titanium dioxide or zinc oxide on hair, most people don't use anywhere near enough on skin either. Of course skin is alive so can self-repair some of the damage.

There are some cute UV Buffs, have you looked at them? Even if you just used that on the hottest/ brightest days that would make a difference to your hair. Or sit/ stand/ lay/ workout in the shade, or used protective styling some days, perhaps half ups so the vulnerable canopy has some protection. It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing full sun exposure or constant protection, even a 50% reduction would be beneficial.

Long coconut oil soaks helps protect hair from *some* of the UV damage, but I don't suppose you want to walk around with greasy hair. Polyquat 59 can also be useful.
Polyquaternium-59: Sun Protection for Your Curls

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Hey Firefox, this definitely helps.

Looking for products with PQ-59 is fine, I will do that. There are other products that claim to protect from UV exposure as well, from blueberry extracts to shea butter to benzo-suchlikes and cinnamates - what's the word on those? I do usually use CJ CCCCL, which says the coffee in there protects a bit, as well as BRHG, which includes some cinnamates - but I am desperately on the lookout for something softer for the days I don't wanna be crunchy.

I do love half-ups, I have to work them back into my post-chop routine!

We're off to the sunniest island in Germany on the weekend so I'll work in a coconut-oil soak before we go!

One more question: How early/late in the whole process can a sun protectant be to still be effective? If I had a cowash with sun protectant ingredients, would enough of those be left in there, given I always leave more-than-a-trace of conditioner when I rinse, to have some effect? What about a coconut oil DT?

PS, some of the Buffs are definitely cute, I will look into ordering one or two!
2c, med-coarse, dense, high-med elasticity and still working out my porosity. Living in hard-water Germany.

Still learning the HGs. Latest faves:
Washing with KC Come Clean or CJ Daily Fix
Conditioner Deva OneC, Darcy's Pumpkin Seed
Goin' Deep: CJ Curl Rehab
Loving a good prepoo with coconut oil
Styling with CJ CCCC Lite, KCCC, BRHG, and a spray gel (Fructis, JC Gelebration)

Second-third-day savers: Curl Fuel overnight and KCSS in the morning!