I drape a MF towel over my hair and tie it at my neck while I dry off my bod, then gently press down to blot the excess water out. Then I apply all my products, then plop.
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I do a similar routine. I loosely wrap a "towel" around my head when I get out of the shower, then when I'm done drying my body, I use the same "towel" to blot more water out of my hair. I then apply KCCC and EcoStyler Krystal, scrunch with flour sacks, and plop again. I don't keep track of this second plop, but when my hair is a little less than damp, I remove the plop and scrunch again with flour sacks and add another strong hold gel followed by either air dry or soft hood dryer.

Following this routine, using KCCC hasn't increased my drying time. I've tried applying product to soaking wet hair, but just couldn't master that technique. I rotate products, but I am starting to think the KCCC and EcoStyler are my HG products that will NOT rotate out of my routine. I've been getting consistently good results with this technique, even managing some 2nd and 3rd day hair (as long as I'm not having to work).