The majority of the damage has been cut off of my hair, although it's very possible my hair is still high porosity. I've only straightened my hair once since the cut, I don't plan to do it very often. Any recommendations for protein treatments?

My scalp doesn't seem to mind sulfates, although the rest of my hair may not like them. I tried organix coconut milk shampoo that didn't have sulfates, my scalp didn't seem to like that at all. :/ Maybe it was just that shampoo, I'll definitely try another one.
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Organix is one of those greenwashing brands IMO... someone recently was saying they bought a few bottles and they had olefin sulfonates in them... not sulfates but other very harsh cleansers. If your Organix poo had olefin sulfonates in it, that may be why you hated it.

This is a great resource: What Makes a Cleansing Ingredient More Harsh or More Gentle?

There are many threads on favorite low-poos, there is a current one on the "General" section, and there was a recent one with many responses within the last month or so.

Drugstore low-poos off the top of my head: look at Yes to Cucumbers, Giovanni poos (double check no olefin sulfonate), DermOrganic, Renpure, SheaMoisture poos are very gentle and well-liked (but also contain oils, note SM poos do not break down cones). You can also look into cowashing; your hair may benefit from it.

You said your hair was almost down to your waist, right? How long ago did you stop using heat? The longer the hair, the older it is and generally the more damaged, especially if you've been using heat. If your hair is mid-back or longer right now.... then you would have needed to stop using daily high heat like 2-3 years ago in order for it to be virgin, undamaged hair. See what I mean? If you stopped using heat 6 months ago, only the hair that has grown since is truly undamaged, so that means however many inches of hair you can grow in 6 months. It may have been the 4 bottom inches that were completely damaged, but the rest of your hair is likely on the porous side.

If you're not vegetarian, the gelatin PT posted above is truly awesome and inexpensive. I recommend.

At this point I would encourage you to get a good handle on haircare before delving into lots of styling gels and techniques. That means:

1. Finding a cleansing system (whether low-poo or no-poo) that is non-stripping.
2. Conditioning the hair properly and/or getting some protein from your rinse-out and leave-in conditioners.
3. Doing DTs and coconut oil soaks (DTs help with keeping the hair moisturized and conditioned, coconut oil has various benefits, helps with porous, damaged hair)
4. Doing PTs (protein treatments will help to "patch repair" some areas of damaged, porous hair)

All of the above will help get your hair in better condition. HTH
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