Hello. I have type 3b hair, extra coarse and frizzy. I have always fought my hair texture... my mother has fine, straight hair and I want raised with good hair care for my "special needs" hair type. I am Caucasian and the budget-friendly Caucasian hair dressers didn't seem to know how to work with my hair or give good advice or products, so my hair was a frizzy bush much of the time because that's what would happen when I would use the standard shampoo and conditioner routine, and then brushed my hair when it was dry.

as a a pre teen I tried "straightening" products, low end grocery store flat irons, and had my hair chemically straightened and nothing seemed to make it bearsble. At the age of 14 I was so exasperated with my hair I shaved my head... not with clippers, with a few disposable razors. I pulled it off because I was very much in the goth scene at the time. soon after this I discovered the pricier flat irons and began using them at the full 400 degrees daily to get my hair straight. I was also bleaching and dyeing my hair, changing colors every few weeks. I stuck with short hair because it wouldn't grow more than about 6" because of the damage, and I didn't mind.

things are changing now. I still do not want long hair and I do not want the curls, but I want to improve the texture of my hair and keep it from getting as damaged. I do my hair at home alone because I cannot afford a hair dresser and I don't have anyone to help me. because of this, whether I color the back of my head I do the entire length of my hair since I can't do just the roots. in my current hairstyle is not too bad as the majority of my hair, except the bangs and front. is kept only 2 or 3 inches long

Are. right now when my dark roots get very noticeable I bleach the entire back and sides with 40 vol developer and then follow with a bright red dye in 20 vol developer. the front I am able to do just the roots as they grow, some of the hair is the same red color (bleached then dyed) and some is black (with 10 vol developer). I flat iron the front at 400 degrees about every other day. needless to say, my hair is brittle and dry, and a part of my bangs is much shorter than the rest due to breakage. I use selsun.blue shampoo a few times a week for dandruff followed by a salon conditioner and then salon leave in conditioner. I also use a repairing treatment a few times a week. I also use an ethnic hair gel for the short, curly parts of my hair.

I'm sick of my hair being fried. I'm here to learn ways to reduce damage to my hair and products to use to soften my hair. so yeah. that's my story and my current situation. I look forward to learning from you guys!