I second the miconazole nitrate. Before I big chopped, my hair WOULD NOT grow due to dying my hair & constantly using heat on my poor baby. I used the cream (generic brand from Walmart which was $5) & I noticed a huge difference. My hair was magenta but my roots grew in fast & thick. I probably got an inch in about a month but then I big chopped it lol. I'm currently starting to use it again now & my hair is already growing after two weeks of using the cream twice a day everyday.
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I've never heard of this method before! Do you just rub it throughout your scalp and then wash it out immediately? Or leave it on for a few minutes? and is it supposed to be done everyday?
(Sorry for all of the questions!)
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It's perfectly fine! I had a MILLION questions too lol. I rub a small amount on my scalp in sections & leave it on. I don't add too much because it causes headaches. It rubs right into my scalp & isn't greasy or drying for me. It doesn't have a smell either so I just keep reapplying it everyday because it soaks up into my scalp. I wash my hair twice a week. Search up miconazole nitrate on nc or google & read everyone's reviews & how they dilute their mixture. Some people use different oils to prevent headaches. You can see how long ladies' hairs have gotten on YouTube as well.