I have superfine hair, and have never had a problem with crunchiness when I woke up. So I'm assuming that you've done something to it beyond sleeping on it, since you're complaining of too much crunch with second day hair, that you've added more product and/or you re-wet it (as in thoroughly saturated it). Is that correct?

I don't have any sense as to how long your hair is, so I don't know if this will help you, but I find that my curls sustain less damage overnight if I sweep my hair up above my head on the pillow (and use a silk pillowcase). I'm an active sleeper, and this way my hair doesn't get mashed repeatedly as I toss and turn because it is free to tumble without the pressure, or any moisture from perspiration. (When I pineapple, the scrunchie leaves a dent in my hair.)

I've never had any luck saturating my hair or even heavily re-dampening it in the morning. It just overwhelms my hair and weighs it down. I use a method I call sandwiching (for lack of a better term). I use a mixture of (mostly) distilled water (because it's germ free), conditioner, and sometimes other things, such as a pinch of sea/epsom salt, Curl Keeper, SLIP, or the gel du jour, combined in a spray bottle. I shake this up well, then spritz my hands, then put them together on either side of successive sections of hair, and run them quickly over each section, dampening it lightly. You should be able to see the curl spring back as you release your hands. I redampen my hands freshly for each section, then do that again, flip my hair over, and dampen my roots with the tips of my fingers. After that I scrunch well, support my hair with my hands when I come back to upright position, readjust my part only if absolutely necessary, then walk away from the mirror no matter what it looks like.

I never get my hair really wet using this technique, just damp, and it dries in 5 to 10 minutes. I can use this many days in a row, and get results better than Day 1 hair, though it doesn't have the insane amount of jump my hair has on the first day.

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