I use Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel for slicking edges. I use it on dry, stretched hair when styling puffs, buns and updos. To use it I apply castor oil to the area to be slicked, apply a healthy amount of gel, style, and set the area to be slicked with a satin scarf for a bit.

adthomas: What's your technique for slicking your edges?
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I dampen my hair with conditioner water spritz. Apply a wee bit of oil. Then holding product. Boar brush. Then I put on a headband thats's not too loose or too tight and pull it partially back over my hair. Then tension smooths the hair. I have done the scarf thing but only if my hair is pulled really far back. But I dont do that much because my hair makes this weird lump hump at the top ofmy head that is an inch high. LOL. I think it is because I have a lot of hair. Or my head is shaped weird. Idk. So for my buns I like to do from twists which flatten my hair so I can get it in one ponytail or divide my hair into two sections parting from ear to ear then blend to make it look like one. I saw on Naptural 85 how to make two ponytails look like one
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