So, I'm kind of a newbie here. But I've been trying to grow out my hair for about six months. In the beginning I was straightening my hair at least once or twice a week and had dyed it twice and bleached it once. Yes, I did. I still have some fading dyed hair now. Anyways, I have not touched my hair with heat for about 6-7 months now. At the beginning I was at a shoulder length unstretched. Now most of my hair is touching the end of my bra strap unstretched. Small pieces littered through out are mid back length though, due to layered hair a few years ago. I am not doing the big chop, most of my hair is healthy right now and soft anyway. I just want length though! Stretched out, it's lower waist length. But I'm attempting for lower waist length unstretched. So far my hair has grown about 2 inches or so. I want to grow it out another 2-3 inches before my birthday, on Jan. 1st. Since it's July 26th now, I've still got time right? Growing it two more inches would be like a birthday present to myself! I'm a 3b mixed girl. Any NON EXPENSIVE reccomendations for growing my hair healthy and the half inch it's supposed to every month? Also, I want to start a challenge for 2014. If you are in let me know! I'm attempting to grow at least 5-6 more inches by July of 2014! I'll post some pics of my hair growth tomorrow. Good bye for now! Also, here is anewly added picture of my hair, this month, July 26th!

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