Shea butter weighs my fine hair down, it's notorious for doing that to us fine haired ladies.

I second PT, I also like the gelatin treatment mentioned. It can be a bit strong though, so you can always get Ion effective care at Sally's to try first to make sure your not protein sensitive. I would also make sure to follow up with a good DT. One recommended DT I also use is GVP CB (also from Sally's), but be sure to mix with something that can penetrate & moisturize the hair, like a tad bit of coconut oil & honey. You may need to follow that with a cleaning conditioner like one of the Suave Naturals or VO5 to get the Coconut oil out.

As far as products, I really like the Yes 2 line. Right now I Lowpoo with Yes to Cukes and Rinse out with YEs 2 Carrots conditioner. I only low poo, not co wash, cowashing commonly weighs down fine hair as well.

Lastly, I also agree with FSG. Fine hair LOVES FSG. It's really easy to make too. I usually top it with a harder holding gel like Biosilk Rock hard Gelee mixed with Herbal Essence Totally Twisted. If I get a chance when I'm not mobile, I'll link the FSG recipe. Mine changes often.

By the way, love your ringlets!
Fine/Thin hair (low density)
Normal porosity
Normal Elasticity

Techniques: Modified Super Soaker, plopping, pixe diffusing, clipping

Low poo: Acure, Y2Cukes
Co Wash: SNRS, Suave Tropical Coconut
Style: FSG (HG!!!!), with HETT & BRHG or Devacurl Ultra light defining Gel
PT: IAGirls Gelatin
DT: GVP CB mixed with Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Agave (or honey).

Favorite Styling tools: Devafuser, Deva clips & Flour Sack Towels