Hello fellow curlyheads,

First of all I want to introduce myself, since I'm kinda new here: My name is NoŽlle, I'm 17 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I am CG since 23/05/2013, noy very long, but I am obsessed haha.

My hair properties (?) are:
Medium porosity with some porous parts
Medium texture with some fine and some coarse strands
High density

I'm not 100% sure about the porosity and texture.

I have two issues:
1. I am struggeling with the question if my hair needs more moisture or (more) protein.
2. I had more curls in the past (in the ends) when I used siliconens and sulfates.

1: I have read a loooot of blogpost and threads here on this forumboard, but I am still not sure about moisture and proteins. My hair isn't cracky or brittle, it is soft and fluffy. But, when I did the porosity strand test, I got the squeek-sound, which I read, refers to dry hair. Now I'm afraid that I have, or dry hair and need moisture or protein (not sure which one), or I am overconditioned, since it's so soft. Maybe handy information: It has been so soft since I cut my hair a week ago from waistlength to shoulderlength (I'm going to donate it for wigs).

I just realized after writing this whole story: Yesterday I let it dry without leave-in and with Curl Keeper and it's kind of dry now, not very, but a little bit. It was so extremely soft when I only put leave-in in it.

2: A few years back I discovered I have curls, I always thought I had wavy hair and brushed it every morning which gave me like a huge fluffy frizzy hairdo. When I got layers cut I found out I have curls and since then I am obsessed with them. The first 2 years I used products with a lot of silicones an sulfates in them without knowing it and my hair was very fluffy in the upperlayers and I had ringlets like these in the ends:

Hairstyles ringlet curls. : Hairstyle 2013

I didn't want the frizzyness in the upperlayers anymore, so I searced for solutions and found out about natural haircare: the CG method. I tried it for a few months, but it didn't work It thought. That was wrong, because I just didn't do it well. Then I found Lush, which I thought had natural haircare, but when I decided to try the CG method the proper way again, I found out there are sulfates in their products. The weird thing is: when I used the Lush products, I got some of the ringlets in the ends back. I would love to get the ringlets back, because I loved them. But it seems like they only come when I use 'bad' haircare??? Maybe I should try proteins, but then I come back to problem 1: if it will be bad for my hair.
Maybe so other handy information: When I used the bad products, I got more ringlets by using a curl activator. The ingredients of that activator are:

Aqua, Alcohol Denat., PVP/VA
Copolymer, PEG-12 dimethicone,
castor oil, dimethicone,
propyl pg-betaine,
propylene glycol,
parfum, limonene.

I know: Try before asking, but I have bought so much products before and I am so confused because there is SO much information.

When more information about my hair or the products that I use is needed, please tell me.

Hopefully some people can help me.

Love, NoŽlle